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If you need help moving to another home our experts can help you too! We've helped hundreds of home owners around the Melbourne area.


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Looking to relocate your office? House Removalists Melbourne has gained a solid reputation for the quality and efficiency of office removals.


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Whether you have a large pool table or a grand piano, our moving experts have the skills and experience to assist you in your relocation needs.

Welcome to House Removalists Melbourne.

We are a removals company in Melbourne, Australia that caters to the needs of our clients and offers them a stress-free moving experience. For over twenty years, we have helped clients move from all over Australia whether it be for their new home or office.


At House Removalists Melbourne, we offer the best removal service you can find in Melbourne without the compromise of quality. With our large fleet of loading trucks, we can keep our prices low at an affordable cost.


House Removalists Melbourne consists of a team of expert removals in Melbourne that provides services to all areas of Australia. We care about your belongings just as if they were our own.

When you choose House Removalists Melbourne, we can guarantee you have a great moving experience, and your items are safe in our hands. We offer a complete removal service that pays attention to detail – no matter how big or small. Moving down the street or across the country – We’ve got you covered!

House Removalists Melbourne can take care of your entire household and move your items starting from the beginning.


With years of training and expertise, House Removalists Melbourne prides itself in offering an extensive range of removals services to the citizens of Melbourne. From a studio office to a full-size home, we have the skills you need to make a stress-free move.


At House Removalists Melbourne, our removals specialists understand the needs and challenges of moving house. This can be a stressful time for anyone, and that is why we are here to help you get through it, every step of the way.

Call us now to schedule a free quote with no obligation. At House Removalists Melbourne, we work hard to ensure that your move is as quick and enjoyable as possible.

When it comes to moving to Melbourne, whether near or abroad, making mistakes during a move will undoubtedly lead you to regrets. The best thing is to know what to do before, during, and after move day to help you stay organized and on time.

However, it is already important to know what not to do during your moving day. Knowing to do and not to will help you prevent poor mistakes and avoid any disasters.

Here are the top five moving mistakes to avoid.

Not Following the Packing Schedule

If you’ve made a checklist on what to pack, then make it your mission to complete the given tasks on the schedule. People often underestimate the importance of packing early. Packing a few boxes at a time will help prevent following behind schedule.

You can avoid the sudden signs of stress by making sure you:

  • Create a timeline to follow
  • Start packing once the move is confirmed and before the movers arrive
  • Purchase the proper packing materials to avoid wasting time
  • Fall behind the schedule despite efforts of manual labor
  • Hire experienced professional packers when fallen behind time.

Bottom Line: Don’t make the mistake of falling behind schedule during the challenging moves.

Forget to pack an essential box

Packing box after box, it is important to realize that you may lose access to the things you need. This is quite common as many forget to pack their essentials and end up waiting until the moving containers are safely delivered to the new location.

This is particularly the case for packing medications, extra clothes, toiletries, and tools all spread throughout the boxes. It is essential to provide a kit to have during the moving process.

Bottom Line: Plan ahead and pack the essentials you need to keep progress running efficiently. You will find yourself less stressed and able to conquer the process of moving.

Leave the “Quick” Tasks for Last

Moving days are usually met with unpredictable events. In fact, you don’t know how many ways you can be surprised within one day. This leads to the unpredictability of moving to ruin your plans and prolong difficulties. To make matters worse, the time on moving day will also shorten and leave you feeling pressured right from the beginning.

Forget Proper Safety

Don’t sit and wait for bad things to happen. Be proactive and provide a safe move by taking extra security measures. For children: keep them at a safe distance away from the moving danger. Hire a babysitter or leave them with family for the day. That way, you will be able to concentrate on tasks and know that your child and pet are safe.

Handle Your Valuables

Moving valuables from your current home to the next is your responsibility. It is important to know where all your jewelry pieces and other important items are at all times. If you have something expensive or sentimental, carry it yourself to purchase insurance.

What other mistakes do you think we should mention on the list? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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